Prepare Your Child: Pornography Resistance

Raising children in the digital age comes with incredible benefits, from limitless information to endless entertainment. But there is a dark side to the infinite content available online, and one of the most pernicious dangers is the easy availability of pornography. Whether you have a preschooler playing on a tablet or a teen scrolling through their phone, it’s never too late to prepare your children for the day they will inevitably be confronted with pornographic content.

Prepare Your Child is a valuable interactive workbook designed to help parents guide their children to healthy choices in a world saturated in pornography. Featuring quotes, anecdotes, study ideas, role-play opportunities, and much more, this workbook will teach you how to communicate openly about exposure to explicit content and how to use gospel-centered principles to protect your family against forming harmful habits. As you reframe how to discuss the pitfalls and negative effects of pornography, you will be better equipped to strengthen your family’s fortifications against the tools of the adversary and build pornography resistance in your child.

about the author

Jill Farnsworth Geigle is a passionate advocate for and defender of children and families. After receiving her M.Ed. from Columbia International University, she began developing curriculums to help parents and educators build pornography resistance in children. She travels locally, nationally, and internationally speaking with parents about online child sexual exploitation and pornography resistance.

Jill is the Director of Parent and Child Advocacy at the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, working to end online child sexual exploitation. Her favorite time is spent with her husband and children anywhere in the world, but especially at their cabin in the mountains.

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